This week, your goal is to learn about how to find OER and explore the elements and use of a Creative Commons License, a vital piece to creating and using OER. What better way to learn than from the OER experts?

To be successful this week, you should
  1. Watch the two videos below and explore the additional resources about
    • how to find OER.
    • what it looks like to create and use OER with a Creative Commons License.

  2. Attend the rountable webinar with Cable Green and David Wiley on Friday, December 14 at 1:30PM CST.
  3. Discuss key takeaways with other MOOCers via Twitter (#LOER12,), your blog, or another communication tool.

Video: OER and Creative Commons Licensing

A video based on the Comic written and illustrated by Alex Roberts, Rebecca Rojer, & Jon Phillips (found at http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Sharing_Creative_Works ).
Editing and Narration: Ben McCorkle; Soundtrack: "Naughty Hula Eyes," Andy Iona (Public Domain)

Resources: Creative Commons

Video: Finding OER

A video for Open Education Week - learn how to find open educational resources in 60 seconds! by David Wiley

Resources: OER Searching

Step-by-Step Guide for Finding OER

How to Search for Openly Licensed Educational Resources

Criteria for Selection of OER

As you search for OER using these tools and repositories, consider what criteria you will use to select appropriate OER for your own use. For example, look at the
criteria available from MERLOT’s Peer Review process.

Possible Criteria/Guidelines for Selection of Materials
Quality of content, literary merit and format
Favorable reviews
Permanence/lasting value
Authority: author
Scope and depth
Physical quality
Formats available: print, CD-ROM, online, etc.
Reading level