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    Academic Partnerships (AP) is a leading higher education service provider working exclusively with public universities in the United States and outstanding higher education institutions around the world to help them benefit from this global phenomenon. “The great enabler today in higher education is online learning which vastly expands access to our partner institutions,” says Randy Best, founder and chairman of Academic Partnerships. “We are helping public universities transition to a much more inclusive and sustainable model.”
    Our Academic Services and Learning Technologies team, led by Chief Academic Officer Dr. Charles Green, is focused on providing value through research, development, and innovation that benefits our partner faculty and students. We future-proof Academic Partnerships with new models for delivery, new technology tools, compelling mobile applications, and the design and development of learning communities that position AP as a global thought leader in higher education.

    {rb.png} Robin Bartoletti
    Robin Bartoletti is the Director of Learning Communities at Academic Partnerships. Ms. Bartoletti manages and administers the Faculty Commons and other related projects. She is a
    Woman’s University.
    {Melissa_11-2010.jpg} Dr. Melissa Kaulbach
    Dr. Kaulbach is interested in research that focuses on improving the student experience in adult learning environments. She is specifically interested in strength-based education that allows students opportunities to learn in their desired mode of instruction with an emphasis on their preferred learning style, while infusing technology into the online curriculum.
    {01dddc0.jpg} Sarah Linden
    Ms. Linden, Learning Technologies Manager at Academic Partnerships and Managing Editor for the Faculty eCommons, has a background in technical communication and instructional design. Ms. Linden has experience teaching in the college classroom and consulting faculty during online courses development using Quality Matters standards. Her focus is on researching various technologies that promote student engagement and connectedness in virtual learning environments and exploring the future of higher education as the economic climate changes and technologies advance. Ms. Linden holds a M.A. in Technical Communication from the University of North Texas.

    {261140e.jpg} Whitney Kilgore
    Ms. Kilgore has 10 years of experience in educational technology leadership, has been an adjunct faculty member, and has made numerous presentations around the country on topics such as: Building Retention into Online Programs, Transition to Hybrid/Online Learning, 7 Things You Should Know About Web 2.0 Tools, and Engaging Millennials with Mobile Technology. She is a member of the Sloan Consortium, EDUCAUSE, and is a Quality Matters certified peer reviewer. Ms. Kilgore received a post-graduate certificate in Educational Technology Leadership from George Washington University, and holds a M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A & M Corpus Christi. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Computing at the University of North Texas.
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